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We specialize in online video and learning. We have produced webcasts, provided video-on demand, and web- based training for companies, the US Government and Educational organizations since 2000.


Webconferences.com is a division of Beta Resources Inc.

  Scheduled Webcasts:

November 21, 2019 - AHRQ Meeting

AHRQ 20th Anniversary 2019

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Book your webcast!
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Over 25 years of experience.


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Video Anywhere
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Welcome to WebConferences

Webconferences.com provides live webcasts, video on demand and related services as well as collaborative web-based learning environments. Our team knows how to create and deliver web-based programs. We have significant capability and experience in the social, organizational, technical and pedagogical aspects of a successful web-based program.

We offer you a complete, customized solution from inital design and planning to post evaluation of your webconference. Our staff will meet with you to help select the combination of services which best meet your needs and together we can plan and design your webconference around your chosen areas.

Hold your conference on the web. Replace the hotel or conference center with a webconference. Let webconferences.com re-create the experience and networking of a face to face event. Since 1998 the webconferences team has experience with a number of successful webconferences for business (e.g. IBM) and government (NASA, NOAA, NIH, DoD). Contact us for more information.

Our Equipment

The best for our customers

Webconferences.com uses super high quality HD cameras and equipment. With today's fast moving technology webconferences has stepped up and uses leading edge hardware and software to ensure your final product and live webcast is 110%!

Video on Demand

After your live webcast we provide your video in several formats and allow you to review the webcast with video on demand. We can also burn your video down to DVD for backup or for your own use.