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National Institutes of Health
Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee (RAC)

93rd Meeting of the NIH RAC

Bethesda Marriott Hotel
Bethesda, Maryland

October 17, 2003

Meeting Agenda

                 WEBCAST Recording

8:30 AM    Call to Order and Opening Remarks
Theodore Friedmann, M.D., Chair, NIH RAC

8:35 AM    Powerpoint Slides

      Discussion of Human Gene Transfer Protocol #0307-593 entitled:
      A Phase I Open-label Safety Study of Intrastriatal Infusion of Adeno-Associated Virus Encoding Human Aromatic L-amino acid Decarboxylase (AAV-hAADC-2) in Subjects With Advanced Parkinson's Disease [AAV-hAADC-2-003]

             PI: Michael Aminoff, M.D., D.Sc., University of California, San Francisco

             RAC Reviewers: Philip Johnson, M.D.
                                         Martha Bohn, Ph.D.
                                         Madison Powers, J.D., D. Phil.

               Ad Hoc Reviewer: D. Eugene Redmond, Jr.,M.D., Yale University,
                                             (via teleconference)

        Tab 2314 Protocol
        Tab 2315 OBA Summary
                         OBA Letter to PI on In-depth RAC Review and Public
                         Outcome of Initial Review by RAC Members
                         Reviews from Drs. P. Johnson, Bohn, Powers, and Redmond,
                         PI's/Sponsor's Response

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